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**For the safety and well-being of our campers the local law enforcement agencies patrol the campground on a regular basis.

1. Please deposit all bad attitudes in the ditch prior to entering the park.

2. Please use common sense when making any sort of decision within the campground. We are a family campground.

3. Any person or persons found in violation of any park rules or causing a disruption will be asked to leave without a refund or rain check. Serious violations may result in a ban from Lake of Dreams. If deemed necessary local law enforcement will be contacted for major disruptions.

4. Please be respectful of campground etiquette – do not take shortcuts by going through another camper’s campsite – walk around.

5. No wood is to be brought into the campground. Wood is sold in the camp store and will be delivered right to your campsite.

6. Campers must be 18 years or older to register for a campsite.

7. Underage drinking will not be tolerated and will be handled by the local law enforcement agency.

8. Glass bottles of any sort are PROHIBITED in the lake, beach, and play areas.

9. Campers under 18 years of age must be supervised by an adult.

10. All campers must register with park personnel, show valid identification, and pay the appropriate fee.

11. All vehicles entering the park must clearly display a valid vehicle pass at all times.

12. In order to ensure the safety of our guests we ask that you follow and abide by all posted speed and traffic signs within the park.

13. Firearms/weapons, drugs, Chinese lantern, and fireworks are strictly prohibited! Pellet, paint ball, BB guns, bows and arrows, gas engine scooters, mini-bikes, mopeds, go-carts, side by side or ATVs of any sort are PROHIBITED in the campground at any time.

14. Golf carts are permitted for seasonal campers only unless physical disabilities apply (park permit required). Appropriate insurance and liability coverage must be provided for a park permit.

15. Campsites are limited to one camping unit plus one tent or two tents and a maximum of eight (8) persons.

16. All vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas.

17. Campsites must be vacated by 2 pm, cabins by 12pm (noon) on the date of departure.

18. Dumping of grey or black water on any lot is prohibited and is grounds for immediate removal from the park.

19. Visitors must pay appropriate park entrance fees and vacate the park by 11 pm.

20. Quiet hours must be observed between 11 pm and 7 am.

21. Campfires are permitted only within the existing fire rings and are not to be relocated. Fires must not be left unattended and must be extinguished before retiring for the night or no later than 2 am.

22. Cutting of trees and collecting of downed trees or tree limbs is strictly prohibited.

23. Campers are responsible for maintaining campsites in a clean and orderly condition.

24. Park personnel will collect the trash daily. Please place closed/tied trash bags at your lot post.

25. Swim at your own risk. NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY. An adult must accompany children 12 years of age and under while swimming. Swimming is prohibited after dark.

26. Due to the private nature of our park, fishing is permitted without a license in all areas EXCEPT the beach and water park areas.

27. One and two person tubes are allowed in the lake. Any floatie larger than 2 person, kayaks, paddle boards, and anything motorized are PROHIBITED.


1. Pets must be restrained and under control by a responsible person at all times.

2. Pets are to be secured via a leash or tie-down and may not walk/run freely (Michigan Law).

3. Pet’s ropes and leashes are NOT to be secured to trees or shrubs.

4. Pets are PROHIBITED in any of the park buildings including restrooms, showers, or camp store.

5. Pets are PROHIBITED in and around the beach and play areas.

6. Pet’s droppings must be cleaned up immediately and disposed of in a tied-up plastic bag.


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