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Inside the camp store you will find just about everything you need for your stay. The store is restocked weekly with items commonly needed or forgotten when camping such as miscellaneous food items, campfire cookers, hoses, drinks, bug spray, etc. Up front you'll find a fountain pop machine (Pepsi), an ice cream cooler, and full candy counter. 

Lake of Dreams Campground also offers a wide array of t-shirts, tank-tops, sweatshirts, and apparel in the store.



Lake of Dreams Campground takes pride in the amenities it offers to its campers. Our park is owned and managed by avid campers who know what people look for in a campground.


Lake of Dreams offers two Pavilions for rent on the property. The pavilions are great for parties, reunions and small weddings. 

Bathhouse Pavilion

The bathhouse pavilion is conveniently located adjacent to the front bathhouse. It offers cement floors, lights, electrical outlets and upfront parking.  Rental Fee $50

Beachfront Pavilion

The beachfront pavilion is located on the South end of the lake. This pavilion has a cement floor but does not have electricity or lights.  Rental Fee $35

Both pavilions are open to guests for use when not reserved. 



Lake of Dreams offers two bathhouses for the use of our guests while staying in the park. The bathhouses are located at the front of the park on the South end of the Pavilion and in the back of the park near the pond.  Both houses include men's and ladies restrooms and separate shower rooms. Shower rooms include a fiberglass shower stall with bench, a plastic chair and additional bench to hold items. Showers are free of charge. 

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